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AJALF is the technology used to power Twelf Live and the Quick Twelf Check button. It stands for "Asynchronous Javascript and LF."

Quick check

Quick check is implemented as a MediaWiki extension (extensions/AJALF.php) that introduces a new tag, <ajalf>...</ajalf>. The tag adds a button


which gleans twelf code from the edit window and passes it to the Twelf server (currently at /tomtest.php). The button only works on edit pages, so there is no reason to ever use this tag outside the editor interface. It is included in the interface via a customization of the MediaWiki:Copyrightwarning string.

Bugs and issues

  • Quick check does not support any of the TwelfTag parameters.
  • The output of Quick check appears to escape apostrophes for some reason.
  • The layout of the close and info buttons is terrible.

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