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The current version of Twelf is 1.7.1. You can also try Twelf live in your browser.

Installation instructions

Pre-compiled versions

If you download the pre-compiled Linux or Windows versions of Twelf, simply run the installer (on Windows) or unpack the tarball wherever you want to put the distribution (on Linux), and the skip to the instructions for setting up Emacs below.

Installing with SML/NJ

You will need to have the Standard ML of New Jersey software on your computer. This can be obtained from the SML/NJ website. Additionally, you will need the standard unix-style Make tools. These come with basically any Linux distribution. Windows users should check out the Cygwin Project to install those tools under Windows. Once you have these things set up, Twelf can be built by running the following commands:

$ cd twelf
$ make smlnj

Installing with MLton

You will need to have the MLton compiler installed on your system. This can be obtained from the MLton website. Using Twelf with MLton has not been tested on Windows. On Linux, Twelf can be built by running the following commands:

$ cd twelf
$ make mlton

Setting up Emacs

A piece of information about using Twelf with Emacs is printed out by the installation script (and can be found in the disk image for the OSX distribution), telling you to add two lines somewhere in your .emacs file. If you don't have a .emacs file in your home directory, you can create one and add these two lines.

If you put Twelf in the directory /somewhere/twelf/ then you should add these lines (just replace somewhere with wherever you built Twelf).

(setq twelf-root "/somewhere/twelf/") (load (concat twelf-root "emacs/twelf-init.el"))

When using the Windows installer, the default directory is C:\Program Files\Twelf, so

(setq twelf-root "C:\\Program Files\\Twelf\\") (load (concat twelf-root "emacs\\twelf-init.el"))

Other ways of getting Twelf

Twelf Night(ly)

The Twelf Night(ly) system is regularly updated with OSX and Linux binary distributions, and includes the output of an extensive test suite. Before you download from Twelf Night(ly), check the log messages and make sure nothing seems out of the ordinary. If anything seems wrong, or if the Windows binary is out of date, contact Rob who maintains the system.

Twelf Subversion

Subversion comes installed on most Linux systems and Mac OS X systems, and can be obtained from for other operating systems, including Windows. If subversion is installed, the development version of Twelf (which is not guaranteed to be stable, but which usually is in practice) can be checked out by executing the following command at a command line:

$ svn co twelf

These commands will download all of the Twelf source code into a directory called "twelf" inside of the directory you are in when you execute the commands listed in the installation instructions.

Older versions of Twelf

Links to older software versions are available from the revision history page, but use of any version earlier than 1.7.0, especially when working with metatheorems, is highly discouraged.