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Exchange is the property of a hypothetical judgment that if Γ, A, B J, then Γ, B, A J (assuming A and B are independent hypotheses).

Often, we represent an an object-language hypothetical judgement by using LF binding to model hypotheses. When a judgement is represented in such a fashion, exchange comes "for free" from the LF representation. In particular, we can exchange hypotheses by re-arranging the order of the lambdas in a derivation.

For example, consider the following simply typed λ-calculus:

%% Syntax

tp : type.
tp/unit  : tp.
tp/arrow : tp -> tp -> tp.
exp : type.
exp/unit : exp.
exp/lam  : tp -> (exp -> exp) -> exp.
exp/app  : exp -> exp -> exp.

%% Typing 

of : exp -> tp -> type.
of/unit : of exp/unit tp/unit.
of/lam  : of (exp/lam T E) (tp/arrow T T')
           <- ({x:exp} of x T
                -> of (E x) T').
of/app  : of (exp/app E1 E2) T'
           <- of E2 T
           <- of E1 (tp/arrow T T').

Object-language typing is a hypothetical judgement; we represent it using LF variables to model hypotheses (see Representing the judgements of the STLC in the tutorial Proving metatheorems with Twelf for more discussion of this representation).

We can prove exchange for this judgement as follows:

exchange : ({x:exp}{dx:of x T}{y:exp}{dy:of y T'} of (E x y) T'')
            -> ({y:exp}{dy:of y T'}{x:exp}{dx:of x T} of (E x y) T'')
            -> type.
%mode exchange +D1 -D2.

- : exchange ([x][dx:of x T][y][dy:of y T'] D1 x dx y dy) 
             ([y][dy:of y T'][x][dx:of x T] D1 x dx y dy).

%block of-block : some {T:tp} block {x:exp}{dx:of x T}.
%worlds (of-block) (exchange _ _).
%total {} (exchange _ _).
See Twelf's output

The proof simply permutes the LF lambdas.

In practice, it is rare for exchange to be proven and used as a metatheorem. Instead, exchange is inlined by manipulating LF lambdas in the appropriate way.

It is common to use exchange in an inductive case for a constant with a higher-order premise. For example, in the substitution lemma article, exchange is used in the next-to-last case in the section Substitution lemmas with a "var" rule. The exchange property is used there when x, dx and y, dy must be re-ordered to fit the correct sub-goal:

- : subst D1 ([x][dx] of/lam ([y][dy] D2 x dx y dy)) (of/lam D2')
     <- ({y}{dy} subst D1 ([x][dx] D2 x dx y dy) (D2' y dy))

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